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Overview : The Commandant's Shadow full movies ~ While Hans Jurgen Höss enjoyed a happy childhood in the family villa at Auschwitz, Jewish prisoner Anita Lasker-Wallfisch was trying to survive the notorious concentration camp. At the heart of this film is the historic and inspiring moment – eight decades later – when the two come face-to-face. This is the first time the descendant of a major war criminal meets a survivor in such a private and intimate setting, Anita’s London living room. Together with their children, Kai Höss and Maya Lasker-Wallfisch, the four protagonists explore their very different hereditary burdens..

Title original : The Commandant's Shadow

Runtime : 103 min

Status : Released

Release Date : 29 May 2024

Tagline : His father murdered more than a million Jews at Auschwitz. She survived the camp against all odds. 80 years later, they come face to face.

Genres : Documentary | History | War |

Production Companies : Snowstorm Productions Creators New Mandate Films

Production Countries: United Kingdom  |  United States of America  |  

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